After mulling over this post for much too long, I’ve just decided to write what I’m thinking, rather than something specific to the chapter. 

What I’m thinking is that I’m not prepared to jump on this bandwagon without more depth, I’m quite interested in this information, but in no way am I prepared to drop my current thoughts because I have read one chapter of one book.

That being said, I am 100% grateful for the women who made it possible for me to make that statement in a college level course.  I would never discount the passion and influence of the activists who got us this far.  

You can call me a feminist, even, as I can’t imagine a world without feminism and am a beneficiary of the work of such activists as Stanton and Anthony.  

Right now, I realize that there are problems, but I’ve never been exposed to them first hand, nor have the people around me.  I’m fortunate to have been raised by a strong woman, who was raised by a strong woman, and a father who respects women along with two brothers who respect women.  I suppose this sort of shelter shields you from certain issues but I am extremely grateful for the environment I am accustomed to.  

I am so conflicted in thoughts right now, I can barely decide what to type.  Let’s just end with the fact that this has been quite thought provoking and I look forward to getting more insight on the facts and issues being faced.  


Hello all!  My name is Lauren Arteman and I hail from the tiny rural town of Bellflower, Illinois.  I currently stand as a junior studying Plant and Soil Sciences here in the College of Agricultural Sciences. 

Family and friends are my priority.  I love spending time with them, traveling, being outdoors, watching things grow, and creating.  Also, I LOVE music. I am in no way musically talented, but I surround myself with people who are because who doesn’t enjoy some great tunes? 

I am excited for this course and to learn about everyone’s backgrounds and experiences!